Only In Guides

City Guides for Independent Cultural Travellers

The Only In Guides help passionate travellers uncover the hidden treasures of a city, sending them home with indelible memories.

Timeless Travels magazine
Only in Guides book series

Only In Guides are the city guides for independent cultural travellers, as well as locals keen to learn more about where they live. Perfect for armchair explorers, too. Each volume celebrates a city’s unique locations, hidden corners and unusual objects. Eccentric museums, secret gardens, iconic structures, idiosyncratic shops and unusual places of worship. Sixteen cities available, with a new title in preparation. Series created by Duncan JD Smith and published independently by The Urban Explorer. Available worldwide with over 160,000 copies in print. Set out on your own urban expedition with Only In Guides!

Paperback, 120 pages, 60 colour photos, fold-out map(s), 13.5 x 21cm
£10.95, € 12,90, US$ 16.00, CDN$ 22.00

Paperback, 232-256 pages, 200 colour photos, fold-out map(s), 13.5 x 21cm
£16.95, € 19,90, US$ 22.95, CDN$ 32.95