Only In London

A Guide to Unique Locations, Hidden Corners and Unusual Objects

ISBN-13: 978-3-9503662-5-9

Author: Duncan JD Smith

Publisher: The Urban Explorer

Edition: 1 (2015)

Specification: Paperback, 244 pages, 122 colour photos & two fold-out maps, 13.5 x 21cm

Prices: £ 16.95, € 19.90, US$ 22.95, CDN$ 32.95

Explore the treasures of old London and the delights of the new with this fascinating guide to the capital’s famous oddities and hidden gems.

Set out on a unique expedition with this refreshing alternative guide to the capital’s hidden corners.

BRITAIN magazine

• An illustrated guide to over 100 fascinating and unusual historical sights in one of Europe’s great capitals. Roman ruins and sci-fi skyscrapers, eccentric museums and novel art spaces, ancient customs and living traditions.

• From Roman Londinium and Shakespeare’s Globe to Winston Churchill’s bunker and Banksy’s street art.

• The Necropolis Railway, Soho’s Buddhist temple, ghost stations on the Tube, and the best Eel and Pie shop.

• Cleopatra’s Needle, at home with Jimi Hendrix, Florence Nightingale’s lamp, and the philosopher’s mummy.

• The ideal city guide for travellers who want to escape the crowds and go beyond the well-known paths, as well as for those inhabitants who perhaps thought they already knew their city.



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