Only In Seville

A Guide to Unique Locations, Hidden Corners and Unusual Objects

ISBN-13: 978-3-9504218-9-7

Author: Duncan JD Smith

Publisher: The Urban Explorer

Edition: 2 (2023)

Specification: Paperback, 120 pages, 56 colour photos & one fold-out map, 13.5 x 21cm

Prices: £ 10.95, € 12.90, US$ 16.00, CDN$ 22.00

Recently published! Discover Seville’s colourful history, astonishing architecture and dynamic street life with this explorer’s guide to Spain’s most alluring city.

This was a fabulous book to have in Seville. We found loads of interesting places just slightly off the beaten track. It enriched our visit enormously.

Reader Review

• A ground-breaking illustrated guide to 55 fascinating and unusual historical sites in the Andalucian capital. Grand palaces and closed convents, artistic havens and secluded patios, fervent traditions and epicurean delights.

• From Moorish minarets and medieval shipyards to Andalucia’s tallest tower and the most modern suspension bridge.

• The world’s largest wooden structure, Spain’s oldest tapas bar, a museum of tile making, and a former royal cigar factory.

• The legend of Don Juan, a hidden Moorish bath, the Pipes of Carmona and the treasure of El Carambola.

• The ideal city guide for travellers who want to escape the crowds and go beyond the well-known paths, as well as for those inhabitants who perhaps thought they already knew their city.



All you need to discover this amazing city (