Only In Vienna

A Guide to Unique Locations, Hidden Corners and Unusual Objects

ISBN-13: 978-3-9505392-2-6

Author: Duncan JD Smith

Publisher: The Urban Explorer

Edition: 5 (2023)

Specification: Paperback, 232 pages, 120 colour photos & two fold-out maps, 13.5 x 21cm

Prices: £ 16.95, € 19.90, US$ 22.95, CDN$ 32.95

Recently published! Unlock the secrets of the Danube metropolis with this bestselling explorer’s guide. Popular with visitors and locals alike, it is now in its 5th edition!

An invaluable guide to the city’s hidden corners.

Adrian Bridge, The Daily Telegraph

• An illustrated guide to over 80 fascinating and unusual historical sights in the Austrian capital. Hidden courtyards and subterranean surprises, coffeehouse culture and sacred spaces, little-known museums and forgotten cemeteries.

• From the Roman legions and Emperor Napoleon to the Habsburgs and Hitler.

• The Holy Lance, Fool’s Tower, Klimt’s Last Studio, and the Knights of Blood Street.

• 007 in Vienna, Montezuma’s headdress, Harry Lime’s doorway, and Freud’s secret of dreams.

• The ideal city guide for travellers who want to escape the crowds and go beyond the well-known paths, as well as for those inhabitants who perhaps thought they already knew their city.

Audioguide also available Only in Vienna: An Audio Tour through the Hidden City



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